Our People

The Ketza Construction Corporation team is made up of dynamic and versatile individuals with a wealth of experience. Ketza takes pride in creating a strong team environment that fosters collaboration and growth. We are passionate about what we do and thrive on the ever evolving challenges this exciting industry presents.


Peter Densmore - President and Founder

Peter Densmore loves to build. It is this passion for construction and commitment to community that has a led a 35 year dedication to this industry. Since founding Densmore Construction in 1975, Peter’s leadership and vision have seen the company grow to reach across B.C, Alberta and the North.

Office Team

Eric Brohman - Project Manager

Eric Brohman

Born and raised in the Ontario with a degree in Commerce from the University of Guelph, Eric enjoys the excitement and challenges of the construction industry and working with a team. He brings 10 years of professional experience to the team with a strong analytical background.

Michael Watts - Payroll Manager

Mike Watts

Michael provides financial clerk support to the Ketza Construction team. Michael has been in the Ketza office for the last year and has also spent time with the Ketza labour force on multiple construction jobs throughout the previous summers. He also has experience in the civil field, being a labourer and heavy duty mechanic and operator.

Stephanie Thompson - Finance Manager

Born and raised Yukon, Stephanie brings 13 years of accounting and payroll expertise to the Ketza team. She enjoys the challenge and camaraderie of working with others.

Jim Reid - Safety Office

JR has been with the Ketza group since its origins as Densmore Construction in 1977. JR enjoys being part of the evolution of construction practice, towards more environmentally efficient housing, and new building design. He loves the lifestyle and the camaraderie of the worksite.

Sam Densmore - Project Manager - Special Projects

Born and raised in the Yukon and in the construction business Sam enjoys the excitement of building something new and working with a team. He brings over 7 years of professional experience to the team and is presently working towards his Engineering Degree.


Site Team

Ian - Shepherd - Site Superintendent

A competent superintendent, that leads by example. Ian’s leadership style promotes and nurtures a strong work ethic. This is a tremendous asset to any company. His leadership qualities are reflected by the crew’s admiration.

Matt Dickson - Site Superintendent

Matt is a red sealed carpenter bringing over 10 years of experience to Ketza Construction. He has recently risen to the challenge of supervising his first project, the Carmacks 6-Plex. Matt's quality of work is reflected in his crews ability to finish the job with no issues. He is always trying to improve his skills and looks forward to supervising more complex jobs in the future.

Tyler Lee - Site Superintendent

Tyler was born and raised in Yukon. Tyler brings over 15 years of industry experience to the company. He enjoys working with others and therefore is a great asset to the Ketza team.

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