For the Ketza group the only acceptable goal regarding safety is “Zero harm”.  This philosophy is reflected in the company’s commitment to Health and Safety and is documented in our safety manual. Ketza is a proud COR certified company and works closely with an independent safety consultant to create, implement, and enforce a safety and health program of the highest standard.

We recognize the responsibilities for safety and health are shared. The Ketza takes a leading role in the safety and health program on its sites and is is responsible for its effectiveness and improvement and for providing the safeguards required to ensure safe working conditions for all staff. Supervisors are responsible for generating the proper attitude towards safety and health in them and in those they supervise and for ensuring that all operations are performed with the utmost regards for the safety and health of all personnel involved. Employees are responsible for wholehearted, genuine cooperation with all aspects of the safety and health program, including compliance with rules and regulations and for continually practicing safety while performing their duties. Roles and responsibilities for all staff on site are defined in our safety manual.

Our objective is a Safety and Health Program that will reduce the number of injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing industry standards. Our goal is zero accidents and injuries.

Our Safety and Health Program will involve the following:

  • Providing mechanical and physical safeguards to the maximum extent possible.
  • Conducting a program of safety and health inspections to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions and practices, to control health hazards, and to comply fully with the safety and health standards of every job.
  • Training all employees in good safety and health practices.
  • Providing necessary personal protective equipment and instruction for its use and care.
  • Developing and enforcing safety and health rules and requiring that employees cooperate with these rules as a condition of employment.
  • Investigating every accident, promptly and thoroughly, to find out what caused it and to correct the problem so that it will not happen again.