First Nations Partners

Ketza envisions a bright future with the First Nations of the Yukon!

We are committed to the providing joint-venture and employment opportunities to Yukon First Nations towards the betterment of social and economic conditions for all northerners.

We maintain a strong legacy of joint-venture projects with First Nations and Communities in Yukon. We have worked with First Nation Governments and Community based development corporations and contracting firms on infrastructure, mine development, highway development, design - build construction, and more.

Ketza Group continues this legacy today with ongoing investment into our partnerships with Yukon First Nations. Over the past four years, Ketza has been working with willing partners to achieve tangible results. A new, practical approach of working with First Nations organizations and the private sector has been developed to address clear priorities in an effective and targeted manner to the benefit of all.

We have worked with the following First Nations partners: