Environmental Management

Environment Management and Planning - Background

Environmental management and planning forms a strong component of all our projects.  As such, Ketza Construction will works closely with clients throughout the life of projects to ensure that environmental requirements are met and integrated into project planning, construction and operation, specifically construction waste management. The following outlines in detail how we manage this ever important factor in all construction.

Compliance with Applicable Environmental Legislation

Upon development of the project design and a clearer definition of the foot print a project meeting will occur with PMT, Environmental Protection Coordinator (EPC) and Ketza.  This meeting will be used to present the project concept and request feedback from the various parties regarding anticipated environmental requirements. Further, this meeting will allow the PMT to flag any concerns with the proposed project in order to resolve potential issues early in the process in a timely and efficient manner.
Through the described methods, Ketza believes it will be able to ensure that the proposed project is completed in accordance with the applicable environmental legislation.

Compliance with Assessment Requirements and Commitments

The requirements are clearly understood and defined. As a result of Ketza’s experience, meeting the requirements will be systematic and straightforward.

Determination of Project Site Considerations

During the Design Phase, Ketza will meet with the PMT and be able to effectively determine what site sensitivities exist. All concerns expressed or identified will be discussed and where appropriate mitigated to reduce the potential effects. We will coordinate with the construction team to integrate the solutions for each issue into the design document package allowing workflows to be maintained and streamlined in an efficient manner.

Environmental Reporting Requirements

Should an incident occur, such as a spill, the applicable Environmental Protection Plan provisions would be implemented for spill response and mitigation.  This would typically include immediate reporting to the Yukon Government Spill Emergency 24 hr Report Line and National Spill Emergency 24hr Report line. Depending on the severity of the incident, the on-site response may include personnel be deployed to the site to assess and direct remediation.  Reporting would be consistent with requirements of the Spills Regulations and Contaminated Sites Regulation.

Environmental Protection Plan

Ketza will be responsible for the development of the Environmental Protection Plan (EPP).  The plan will consist of plans and written procedures that address the environmental protection issues relevant to specific construction operations being performed.  The plan will be developed according to the conditions set out in the contract and will also address any permit, license or other regulatory requirements.  Specifically the EPP will:

  • identify relevant regulations that may impact the project
  • identify mitigation measures that have been proposed and accepted through the Design process and address methods of implementation
  • provide operational and emergency procedures, developed to address the environmental aspects of this project
  • provide procedures for the implementation and operation of the EPP to ensure that structure and responsibilities are assigned; staff are aware and competent; and that there is proper communication, documentation, operational control and emergency preparedness and response
  • provide corrective action if needed through monitoring and reporting
  • include mechanisms for improvements in inspection reports

Environmental Representative

When applicable an Environmental Protection Coordinator (EPC), will be assigned to carry out the duties and responsibilities as identified in the EPP.

The EPC will conduct periodic inspections to ensure the procedures identified in the EPP are in plan and functioning.  These inspections are expected to occur regularly and as required during the initial stages of construction through to completion. The EPC will also be responsible for completion of final report.