Message from the President

After 35 years in the industry I can honestly say I did not expect this day! Welcome to the!

As most companies of this life span we have had to endure and embrace the modern age of technology for communication, relationship building and business growth. Although it has assisted our company’s development, I am the first to admit I prefer a hand shake and conversation over a coffee to build my relationships and make alliances – whether it be meeting with a first time labourer or closing the deal on a multi million dollar venture.  However, we are not a stagnant company and have from our inception embraced innovation and change. In fact our foundation was built on our ability to do just that – to take new and challenging projects and situations and complete them all in stride. We welcome you to our latest addition to keeping current with communication but please know you are always welcome to our office. You will be welcomed by full humoured and down to earth staff. We are a company full of diversity, and an incredibly capable team that works to get the job done. We are truly excited about opening this page into the future and look forward to keeping you up to date on new developments within the company as we move forward.

Peter Densmore

President CEO